Plant Nursery & Garden Shop in Coffeyville, KS

Don’t you hate when the spring and summer season ends and you see all your hard work that went into creating a beautiful garden go to waste when the cold season comes around? Now you have to wait a whole year before you can create that beauty again. Right? Wrong! Hains Greenhouses, Inc. is here for you as your local garden store to keep your gardening momentum going all year! Because we know you want to continue your gardening adventures, we are the year-round plant nursery and source for garden supplies in Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Dearing, Avaian, and Edna, KS for you. We want to make sure you’re satisfied!

Garden Shop
  • Specialize in bedding plants: We are the ideal retail plant nursery in Coffeyville, KS, and will make sure we have what you need for various plants during any season.
  • We serve plant lovers in a 150-mile radius: Our services and garden supplies aren’t provided in a vacuum. If there’s anything you need in the greater Coffeyville, KS area, we can help.
  • 30,000 square feet of space: You can grow anything anywhere you want with the space we provide for your gardening pleasure.

Gardening is peaceful; it makes people happy and, not to mention, people are able to share that happiness with one another. Don’t let the tranquility of gardening end with the passing of the seasons. Keep that momentum going, take a chance at something new, and let our garden shop play a part in that journey. Family is a value we hold near and dear to our company’s heart. In turn, we want to make you feel like part of the Hains family. We want to help you succeed and we will. Even 20 years in, our plant nursery is still going strong.

Our ultimate goal is to have you come to our garden store and never want to leave! It’s about more than gardening: it’s about creating something you can be proud of.

For more information about our garden supplies in Coffeyville, KS, or finding your space with Hains Greenhouses, Inc., don’t hesitate to contact us at 620-251-8155.